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British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 

cosmetic dentistryDr Robert Rutland

The practice has been offering cosmetic dentistry for many years. Robert has completed a 12 month certified course with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


These are porcelain "fingernails" that can be used to change the colour and shape, and sometimes even the position of the front teeth. Dr Rutland can provide beautiful veneers to improve your smile. It takes two weeks to make the veneers from the preparation of the the teeth but even the temporaries look good and mimic the new veneers while they are being made.

White fillings

White fillings at the front of the mouth are a very simple inexpensive way of improving the smile. Than can even be used to fill spaces by widening an adjacent tooth or teeth. brown staining around old white fillings can make them very noticeable. We can make them almost disappear for you!

Do I really need that Crown?

Many dentists want to crown teeth that have large fillings to keep the structural integritiy of the tooth. This is not always necessary and the modern approach is to use tooth-coloured fillings which are often cheaper and always less destructive to the tooth. Once you have a crown you always need a crown.


Tooth whitening is a very easy and harmless procedure that is best done at home with one of our custom made trays and whitening kits. We always have to examine your mouth first to ensure there are no contraindications to whitening. Also we need to know whether you have any crowns, veneers or white fillings. These will not hange shade when you whiten the natural teeth so there is a chance these will need to be replaced. The effect of the whitening can last 3 years or more depending on a lot of different factors.