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In an Emergency 


If you have a dental problem during surgery hours, please telephone the practice on 01635 861076 immediately and we will ensure that you are offered an appointment on a priority basis. Please make it clear that the matter is not routine and we will do our utmost to see you on the same day if this is required.


Out Of Hours Emergencies

We are members of a small private rota. The members of this rota have denplan practices and are dentists whom Robert has great confidence in. In an emergency, please phone our normal practice number, 01635 861076, and the message will give you a number to phone. The dentist will then be able to advise you or arrange to see you if necessary. Please be aware it may take up to an hour for the dentist to get back to you.

Lost Fillings and Crowns

The simplest way to deal with lost fillings is to chew some sugar-free chewing gum and place it into the cavity. This will harden and help to stop sensitivity and prevent ulcers due to any sharp parts of the tooth traumatising the soft tissues. Lost crowns can be stuck back in temporarily with the same material or by using polygrip, which may be easier. If a crown comes out, always try to put it back in like this. It is important not to leave the crown out for longer than a day or two, or it may not fit back in again.

Knocked-out Tooth

Hold the tooth by the crown only, and not the root. Give it a quick rinse if necessary. If possible, push it back into the socket and hold it in position. If this is not possible, then keep the tooth in milk (not tap water) or store it in the patient's own cheek until you get to the dentist. Follow the instructions above to see a dentist as soon as possible to get the tooth back in the socket.

Children in Pain

Often, the pain from a child's tooth is due to food packing into a cavity in the tooth. Have a look and see if there is food in a cavity. If there is, then try to remove the debris and place some sugar-free chewing gum into the cavity. This should help stop the pain. If it does not, then the child should be seen by a dentist. Pain can be releived by using a Paracetamol elixir such as Calpol or an Ibuprofen syrup such as Nurofen. Always follow the instructions on the packet.